3 Cleanings Per year

At Spirit Dental we understand the clear connection between oral health and general well-being. Poor dental health has been linked to a broad range of serious health problems including heart disease, strokes, diabetes – even cancer. Tooth decay in children can cause problems eating, speaking and learning. It’s clear that maintaining good oral health is a vital part of maintaining your overall health.*

Dental Cleanings 3 Times Per Year  - With No Waiting Periods

To help prevent disease and also help maintain your healthy smile, Spirit Dental offers not one, not two, but three cleanings per year! That’s one more than most other dental plans offer. With three annual cleanings, you’ll head off dental problems before they start, avoid related health problems and keep your smile healthy and bright.

*Mayo Clinic - Oral Health: A Window to Your Overall Health, May 2013


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Jodi has worked with me to get the right date for payment and made something usually very tedious into a 1, 2, 3 and done! She is great!!!
Dawn C.