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Vision Insurance

Bundle Your Dental Insurance with a Vision Plan

Spirit EyeMed Vision Care Insurance*

So, let’s say, you’re already a member of Spirit Dental. The three annual cleanings and dental education have vastly improved your oral health and smile. There’s just one problem: you can’t enjoy seeing the dental work from too far away because of poor vision. Did you know, according to a recent National Health Interview Survey, 23.7 million American adults age 18 and older reported experiencing vision loss?**

That’s why we have started pairing a vision insurance plan with Spirit’s dental insurance offerings. We’ve been able to individuals across the country with proper dental care, adding vision seemed like the next logical step.

Available through the EyeMed Vision Care Network, a leading vision benefits company, this add-on plan offers outstanding features:

  • Savings on eye care and eyewear
  • Quality standards for care and materials
  • Access to 7800 providers nationwide, including the nation’s top optical retail brands
  • Eye Exam $10 Copay (Once every 12 months)
  • Eyeglasses/Lenses $20 Copay (Once every 24 months)
  • Frames $0 Copay (Once every 24 months)
  • Contact Lenses (Once every 24 months) (Instead of lenses and frame)


The Spirit Dental Choice and Network plans both allow you to bundle a vision plan for only $7/month.

Interested in finding a provider near you? Here is an optometrist locator tool. Just select the Access Network and begin your search.

This vision insurance add-on also has long term health benefits. Akin to oral exams, regular eye exams can help early detection of Diabetes, Hypertension, High cholesterol, certain types of Cancer, and more.  And since you only have two eyes, we believe that playing it safe is smarter than being sorry.

Contact us today to learn more about this program and seeing the future in high definition.

*The EyeMed vision plan is not available in all states or with all Spirit Dental plans. The vision benefit is optional to purchase at an additional cost and terminates with the dental policy to which it is attached.

** American Foundation for the Blind, January 2017

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Children's Orthodontics

Understanding the facts and the health benefits

How The Spirit Plan Can Help

Spirit Dental offers a $1,200 children’s orthodontia benefit on any of our network plans. Here’s a breakdown of how the plan works:

  • After you meet your $100 one-time deductible, your plan coverage will be available.
  • Children’s Orthodontic care for the proper alignment of teeth is only provided to dependent children.
  • Coverage is 10% year one, 25% year two, and 50% year three with a $1,200 lifetime maximum per child and a $600 annual limit.

Plan FAQ’s

What is the covered age range of a child on the Spirit plan?
The plan considers anyone under the age of 19 to be a child. The child must be 19 or under when treatment is received.

How long is the waiting period after purchasing dental insurance?
Once a plan is purchased, there are no waiting periods. You can schedule an appointment with an in-network orthodontist as soon as you purchase the plan.

We want to help parents give these benefits to their children. Get a free instant quote today or call 800.620.5010 to speak with one of Spirit’s licensed agents.

ortho 1Children’s Orthodontic Quick Facts *

  • An orthodontic evaluation should take place by age 7 to identify potential problems early and maximize effectiveness.
  • Treatment times can take anywhere between six and 30 months, but most standard treatments take about 24-28 months.

ortho 2Health Benefits of Having Straighter Teeth *

  • Straight teeth prevent food from getting stuck between teeth crevices which can cause decay
  • Proper tooth alignment can reduce tension on the jaw during eating. Better ability to chew and digest food.

ortho 3Additional Benefits of Orthodontia *

  • Improved self-esteem
  • Reduced cost of long term dental problems
  • Ease of daily brushing and flossing

* Sources include: (Bibby Orthodontics, Kids Health, MouthHealthy, American Academy Of Pediatric Dentistry, Your Dentistry Guide)

Network Dental Insurance

Why a network plan may be the right choice for you.

Dentists often participate in a dental network in an effort to expand their patient base. In acknowledgment of the referrals an insurance company provides, the dentists offer lower rates for the clients of a particular dental insurance provider. The result is lower out-of-pocket costs for patients. Patients, however, often have to choose from a network of specific dentists or face higher fees or decreased benefits.

When it comes to dental insurance, we believe choice is of utmost importance. Click here for information on why a network plan may be the right choice for you. Check out this simple explanation of why a network plan may be the right choice for you.

Your Dentist says you need a Crown, a Major Service

network 1



If your dentist of choice does not participate in the Network and you do not wish to change dentists, Spirit Dental can still help - we have Spirit Choice dental insurance available too. 
Click here for more information on Spirit Choice insurance.


Things to consider when comparing dental insurance plans

What are your dental needs: Before choosing an insurance plan, from any provider, you should take into consideration your dental needs.  For instance, do you have urgent dental work that need to be addressed?  Have you had a history of cavities, gum disease or any reoccurring dental issues?  These are important to consider because the more work that you need done the faster your annual maximum will get eaten up and subsequently, the more you’ll end up paying out of pocket.
Family members: Do you have a spouse and/or children who also need coverage? If so, choosing a family plan will be essential. You’ll want to know how the deductibles, co-pays, calendar year annual maximums and other restrictions are applied. For example, are deductibles per person covered or one for the entire family? You’ll also want to know if your child’s sealants, braces or fluoride treatments are covered.
Monthly premiums: Before settling on an insurance plan, determine your monthly budget and what you’re able to spend on your monthly premiums.  Select from the plan options accordingly.
Waiting period and exclusions: Many insurance companies will impose a long waiting period after initial enrollment, usually 6-12 months, before covering major dental procedures.  If you’re in need of immediate assistance and you’ve only just enrolled in their program, you may still have to pay for the procedure out of pocket while still paying their premiums.
Spirit Network Plan vs Spirit Choice Plans:
Network plans or PPO (Preferred Provider Organizations) plans supply you with a list of dentists within their network to choose from.  By choosing a PPO network plan, and visiting an in-network dentist, your monthly premiums are usually lower as well as any out-of-pocket expenses.
With Spirit Choice plans, you are able to choose the dentist you’d like to visit, or choose a dentist who participates in the network. If your choice of dentist is a high priority, and they are not in-network, you have the flexibility to know that the payments are paid a high “usual and customary” rate. 
Deductible: Most insurance companies require insured individuals to meet an annual deductible before covering any dental work.  Before choosing an insurer or insurance plan, it’s wise to research the details of each plan’s required deductible.

The Spirit Dental Advantage

  • $5,000 Annual Maximum: Should you find yourself in need of major dental work, Spirit Dental has you covered. Most common annual maximums are $1,000 - $1,500 per year which could leave you paying out-of-pocket for major procedures. Spirit offers plans with an annual maximum of up to $5,000, which helps ensure more of your dental needs are covered. Please note that the $5,000 plans are not available in all states.
  • $100 Lifetime Deductible – Some insurance companies require you meet an annual deductible before they begin to pay for your dental expenses. At Spirit Dental you pay a one-time lifetime deductible of $100 per insured.
  • Guaranteed Acceptance: With Spirit Dental, you simply select the plan that’s right for you. No proof of health required. No being turned down because of pre-existing conditions.
  • Three Cleanings per Year: Industry standard is two cleanings per year. Driven by the belief that excellent physical health is closely linked to healthy teeth and gums all Spirit Dental plans cover three cleanings per year.


With Spirit Choice dental insurance, you have the option of choosing an in-network dentist or choosing your own dentist.

This Spirit dental plan gives you the freedom to use any dentist were services are paid as "usual and customary"*.  The Ameritas Classic Network is one of the largest in the nation with more than 100,000 providers at more than 400,000 access points. You save when you use a network provider as these providers have contracted fees (MAC/maximum allowable charge) through their network agreement with Ameritas. When you use a network provider, typical discounted fees can be 30% below the average for your area.

Features of the Spirit Choice Dental insurance include:

  1. Insurance will pay up to 100% of preventive dental care. Typically, this includes regular checkups and cleaning.
  2. Spirit Choice dental insurance benefits center around the freedom to use any dentist or the choice of going to an in-network provider.
  3. There is often a maximum benefit amount for dental benefits with this type of coverage. If you require treatment beyond this limit, you will often be responsible for these costs.

*Usual and Customary refers to the usual charges for the area where the expense is incurred.

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