Swollen Gums Are Your Mouth's "Check Engine" Light

Kids smiling in a classroom before eating lunch

You already know that when the check engine light in your car comes on, something is amiss. But did you know that swollen gums are basically your mouth’s own “check engine” light? It’s true! Check out the information below to see what we mean.

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Be The Best Tooth Fairy With These Tips and Tricks

kids smiling in a classroom before eating lunch

Your child has lost a tooth, and it’s an important milestone to celebrate! In fact, it’s as exciting as when your child started teething, right?

One of the most popular ways to celebrate this step in your child’s development is by playing the role of the beloved tooth fairy. But, rather than merely putting some money under your child’s pillow, there are other creative ways to have a bit of fun and make the experience even more memorable for your little one.

Check out the tips and tricks below if you’re ready to become the best tooth fairy ever.

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10 Signs You Need Glasses (And 3 That You Don't)

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Have you been wondering if your vision could be better? Or have you noticed that your vision isn’t as good as it used to be? Maybe you’re wondering if glasses would help you see more clearly. But do you really need glasses, or can you continue doing without?

To help you answer these questions, we’ve put together a list of 10 signs you need glasses. But just keep in mind that only an eye doctor will really be able to determine if corrective lenses are right for you. So, if you have any questions about your vision, make an appointment with a professional who can examine your eyes and give you the proper diagnosis.

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Eye Problems & You: A Beginner's Guide

Man rubbing his nose to help with eye strain

Your vision is important, and part of keeping your eyes healthy involves having an understanding of some of the eye problems that may develop over time, as well as some of the problems that are quite common among the population.

To help you discover more about your eyes, we’ve compiled a short beginner’s guide to some of the ailments that your peepers might suffer from. Keep in mind that, if you start to notice any changes in your vision or you begin experiencing new symptoms, you should see an eye doctor right away to receive the proper diagnosis and treatment, and to be able to see your best.

Now, let’s get started, shall we?

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What Causes Dry Eyes?

Lady rubbing eyes at her computer

Dry eye is surprisingly common. Basically, it can develop if the quantity or quality of your tears falls short, so your eyes aren’t as lubricated as they should be.

Symptoms include discomfort, soreness, burning, stinging, redness, blurry vision, and itchiness, to name a few. So you can imagine how important it is to have this condition properly diagnosed and treated ASAP.

While the risk of this condition increases with age, there are several other causes that lead to dry eyes, and we’ve outlined them below. If you have any symptoms or you’ve been diagnosed with dry eye but your treatment isn’t working, be sure to consult with your eye doctor to get the help that you need to feel relief.

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Risk Factors for Mouth Cancer

Doctor holding a cancer ribbon

Mouth cancer, also known as oral cancer, can develop in any area of your mouth, such as the inside of your cheeks, the roof or floor of your mouth, your tongue or gums, and even your lips.

Having an understanding of what may cause mouth cancer is helpful, as you can then take steps to reduce your risk as much as possible. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the main risk factors for this type of cancer.

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How to Clean Contact Lens Case: Stop Putting Your Contacts in a Dirty Case

filling contact lens case with solution

At the end of the day, you take out your contact lenses, put them in their case with some contact lens solution, and head to bed. The next morning, you take them out of the case and put them in your eyes before heading off to start your day. But, in between, are you taking good care of your lens case? Are you cleaning it well enough? If you aren’t, there are some scary risks involved. That’s why we’ve put together a helpful guide to show you how to clean your contact lens case properly for the health of your eyes.

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Back-to-School: Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids That Will Help Protect Their Teeth

kids smiling in a classroom before eating lunch

Back-to-school season is here again! In addition to buying your kids’ school supplies, you’re probably already busy setting up your family’s schedule as you transition back into the school year. But are you also thinking about healthy lunch ideas for your kids? After all, the right foods can help protect their teeth and gums, no matter their age, so this is a wise step to take in addition to ensuring your kids see the dentist regularly.

What are some of the healthiest lunch ideas that your kids are sure to love? The list below can help you give your children the nutrition they need to concentrate in class and keep their smiles bright for those school pictures.

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Baby Teething Timeline

Toddler brushing teeth and smiling.

Watching your baby’s first teeth come in is really exciting—and totally adorable. But what order should you expect them to erupt in? And when should you expect to see those small pearly whites show up, anyway? Oh, and how will you know if your little one’s teeth are growing on time? These are all common questions asked by parents, so we’ve created a handy baby teething timeline below that you can use to prepare yourself for what’s ahead.

A quick note: Before we dive in, just keep in mind that this is a general timeline, so your baby’s teeth might come in a little earlier or a little later than what we’ve listed. If you have any questions about your child’s dental health, it’s always best to consult with your pediatrician or your child’s dentist.

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Apple Cider Vinegar - Does it Have Oral Health Benefits?

Bottles of apple cider vinegar (ACV) on table with sliced apples.

Consuming apple cider vinegar might be a good idea, as it could help support your health in myriad ways. Some of the benefits that are associated with apple cider vinegar include its ability to fight bacteria, lower blood sugar levels in those with type 2 diabetes, support cardiovascular health, protect against cancer, and aid in weight loss.

Those are some impressive benefits, right? But think twice before you start taking apple cider vinegar shots.

Why shouldn’t you take apple cider vinegar shots? Continue reading for the answer.

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You Chipped a Tooth - How Much Will Repairs Cost?

Man holding mouth after chipping tooth.

Chipping your tooth can be traumatic, but you can get it fixed so it looks like it never happened. Just be sure to see your dentist as soon as possible to help reduce the risk of infection and further damage to the tooth.

What are some of the procedures that can restore a chipped tooth to its former glory? And how much can you expect to pay to fix your broken chomper? We cover it all below.

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Is Beer Bad For Your Teeth? How Alcohol Affects Your Oral Health

Glasses of beer on bar.

Having a beer every now and then is fine, but what if you end up drinking it more regularly? Is beer bad for your teeth? And how does alcohol affect your oral health? These are all valid questions, and getting the answers is necessary if you’re hoping to improve your diet to better support the strength of your teeth and gums.

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Receding Gums Treatment Options

Man with receding gums in dentist chair getting checked.

You’ve heard a lot about gum disease, but have you heard about gum recession? This is a condition that needs to be treated properly to prevent it from getting worse, especially since it may lead to tooth loss. Yikes!

What is gum recession, and how can it be treated? We’ve got you covered with some helpful info below.

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The Causes of Bad Breath Are Signs of More Serious Issues

Photo of lady covering her mouth with her hand and looking to the side.

Oftentimes, bad breath is the result of poor oral hygiene or something that you ate. Even being under an ultra-stressful situation can cause it! And we all know what morning breath is like.

Bad breath happens to everyone, and there are several causes behind it. But did you know that unpleasant breath might be a sign that there’s a more serious underlying health issue to blame? It’s true!

Having an understanding of the reasons for bad breath that are cause for alarm is one step that you can take towards maintaining your health. So keep reading to learn about some of the main bad breath causes that may indicate something serious is going on.

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For the Sake of Your Teeth, Don’t Eat Ice!

Photo of ice cubes on white background

Do you have a habit of chewing on ice? It turns out that what seems like a totally harmless thing is actually quite harmful for your teeth.

What’s wrong with eating ice? We cover the basics below so you can make smarter choices to protect your pearly whites.

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Why Brushing Your Teeth Should Be Part of Your Nighttime Routine

Photo of a pink and a white toothbrush

Do you tend to hit the sack without brushing your teeth first? Uh oh, that’s a big no-no if you want to keep your teeth and gums clean and strong. Even if you’re feeling really tired, taking just a couple of minutes (literally two minutes is all it takes!) to brush your chompers is important, as it can make a big difference in the health of your mouth.

Skeptical about the importance of brushing your teeth before bed? Then keep reading to learn about why this needs to become a part of your nighttime routine.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Proper Teeth Brushing

Photo of family brushing their teeth together

Are you brushing your teeth the right way? You might think so, but you might actually be missing a few key pointers to ensure you thoroughly clean every surface of every tooth as best as possible.

Brushing the correct way is important, so it’s always wise to refine your technique. After all, the better you can brush your teeth at home, the more impressed your dental hygienist will be—and the less work she’ll have to do when you go for a cleaning!

Ready to start brushing your teeth like a pro? Follow our easy step-by-step guide below to take your oral hygiene routine to the next level.

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Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Young man holding jaw in pain from impacted tooth

Wisdom teeth, the last ones to grow in when you’re an adult, are notorious for causing problems. Many people end up with impacted wisdom teeth that require treatment or removal to avoid oral health complications.

How can you know if you have one or more impacted wisdom teeth? Check out this list of some of the main symptoms to learn more about the issues that these teeth might cause.

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You Have Gingivitis. Now What?

Lady dentist looking at x-ray of teeth

Let’s say your dentist has diagnosed you with gingivitis. Uh-oh! What do you do now? Well, the good news is that this condition is treatable and reversible, so there are some steps that you can take to get your gum health back on track and prevent further damage.

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Love Sour Candy? It Could Be Wreaking Havoc on Your Teeth

Photo of sour orange peel sour candy

Sometimes, it’s that combo of sour and sweet that we all crave. And what better place to get it than some yummy sour candy? Unfortunately, though, while you might delight in this treat, it could be wreaking havoc on your teeth.

That’s right: in terms of what foods are good for your teeth and which ones aren’t, sour candy falls into the “bad for your pearly whites” category. But why are these candies so damaging? We’ve got you covered with the answer below.

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