Adding EyeMed Vision to your Spirit Dental Plan can save you big money

Add the optional Spirit EyeMed coverage to your dental insurance and you'll save if you wear glasses or contacts. Without coverage, an exam and prescription glasses can cost $300 or more. You have EyeMed access to thousands of private practice and retail-affiliated network providers located in convenient neigborhood locations across the country.

Spirit Vision Coverage Highlights

Spirit Dental & Vision’s vision plan is available through the EyeMed Vision Care Network. EyeMed is a leading vision benefits company, offering the following features:

  • Savings on eye care and eyewear 
  • Quality standards for care and materials 
  • Access to thousands of providers nationwide, including the nation’s top optical retail brands 

Copays for Exams Lenses and Frames

  • Eye Exam $10 Copay (Once every 12 months.)
  • Eye Glasses/Lenses $20 Copay (Once every 24 months)
  • Frames $0 Copay (Once every 24 months)

Contact Lenses

  • Contact Lenses (Once every 24 months instead of lenses and frame)
  • Contact lens wearers will pay up to $55 for standard contact lens exam, including fit and follow-up, or receive 10% off retail price for premium contact lens exam, fit and follow-up.
  • Plans include a $100 retail allowance that can be applied toward the purchase of conventional or disposable contact lenses. 
  • If the member chooses conventional contact lenses with a retail price over $100, he or she will receive 15% off the balance. Medically necessary contact lenses are paid in full after the copay. 
  • Replacement contact lenses can be ordered online and conveniently delivered to members’ homes through

Additional Discounts

Spirit Vision members will also receive unlimited additional discounts on purchases made at participating provider locations, including:

  • 40% off additional complete pairs of eyeglasses
  • 15% off additional purchases of conventional contact lenses
  • 20% off non-covered items like cleaning cloths or nonprescription sunglasses

Other Non-vision Insurance Discounts

Coatings and lens treatments can be added for the costs below:

Lense OptionsMember Cost
Polycarbonate lenses $40
Scratch-resistant coating $15
Solid or gradient tint $15
Ultraviolet coating $15
Anti-reflective coating $45
Standard progressive (add-on to bifocal)   $65
Lens options not listed (20% off retail price)
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