Be The Best Tooth Fairy With These Tips and Tricks

kids smiling in a classroom before eating lunch

Your child has lost a tooth, and it’s an important milestone to celebrate! In fact, it’s as exciting as when your child started teething, right?

One of the most popular ways to celebrate this step in your child’s development is by playing the role of the beloved tooth fairy. But, rather than merely putting some money under your child’s pillow, there are other creative ways to have a bit of fun and make the experience even more memorable for your little one.

Check out the tips and tricks below if you’re ready to become the best tooth fairy ever.

What Would a Fairy Leave Behind? Glitter, of Course!

To give your child a little more “evidence” that the tooth fairy was indeed in their room, consider leaving a little trail of eco-friendly glitter behind.

Perhaps you can leave some on the nightstand if that’s where the tooth was left for the fairy to find. Or you might even create a trail of glitter from the window to the bed to show the track that the fairy took when she came into the bedroom at night. No matter what, when your kid wakes up, they’ll be delighted to find the glitter, along with the gift from the friendly tooth fairy.

A Tiny Note Goes a Long Way

Whatever gift you end up leaving for your child to find, consider also leaving a little fairy-sized note as well.

Sprinkle a bit of “fairy dust” (a.k.a. glitter) on the paper, and write out a friendly note that thanks your kid for their tooth. You could even mention that the tooth looked bright and healthy, so they should keep up the good work with the oral hygiene routine.

Also, consider leaving a receipt that documents the date the tooth fairy came by for the tooth, the type of tooth that your child lost, and any other details that you’d like to include to make this even more fun. Here, too, you can include a friendly note that congratulates your child on the quality of the tooth that the fairy took.

The key is to make this note itty-bitty – it is coming from a fairy, after all! So write in small letters, and place the note where your child will find it as soon as they wake up.

Make Money More Interesting

Would a tooth fairy leave behind a plain dollar bill? We don’t think so. She’d probably end up getting some of her magic glitter on the money, right?

So, that’s another thing that you can do: just leave a little glitter on the money so that it will fall right off without doing any damage to the bill. Or, you might wrap a ribbon around the money instead. Little touches like this can make a big difference.

Give Something Other Than Money

As an alternative to money, think about what your child would prefer receiving as a reward for losing a tooth.

Maybe the tooth fairy will leave a "coupon" for a trip to get a special treat, or maybe a promise for a trip to an amusement park. This can be a great option if you think that your child would prefer an experience rather than money.

Use the Opportunity to Reinforce Stellar Oral Hygiene Habits

When your child loses a tooth, it’s a good idea to use the opportunity to reinforce smart oral hygiene habits. If the tooth fairy is impressed by the quality of the tooth that was lost, and your child is rewarded for it, they might be even more inclined to be sure to brush and floss daily, as well as see the dentist regularly. It’s just another step towards helping your kid establish healthy habits that they’ll maintain into adulthood.


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