Make Your Mom Smile This Mother’s Day

Mother holding her baby

The countdown to Mother’s Day is on. How are you celebrating your mother this year? Check out a few of our ideas on how to make your mom smile this Mother’s Day.

Cook her a meal

Celebrate your mom by making her a delicious meal this Sunday. Surprise her with breakfast in bed, delight her with a charming lunch, or cook an indulgent dinner. If you are going to indulge her with sweets, bake them at home. Even if you aren’t the best cook, she will appreciate a less-than-perfect homemade treat much more than store-bought sweets.

Check out some delicious recipes below:

Delight her with a homemade present

Mother and daughter playing with flowers in the grass

A homemade present can mean just as much as it did when you were little and gifting your mom a homemade gift card. Create a photo album of her family memories: family trips, childhood snapshots (hers and yours), graduation pictures. Make it extra special by recreating her favorite moments and including them at the very end. If you are artistically inclined, paint her a beautiful portrait. If you enjoy working with your hands, build her some new bookends, a jewelry holder, or a gardening toolbox. A present made with care will always be appreciated.

Give her the gift of a confident and dazzling smile

An older mother and daughter posing for a photo

Moms never really get enough time for themselves. Give her the gift of good health by making sure that she’s up to date with her dental examination and oral health screenings. Ensure that her smile shines brightly inside and out by treating her to a professional teeth whitening. Faster and more effective than an at-home treatment, a professional teeth whitening will help your mom’s smile shine even brighter. Go the extra mile by getting her a new electric toothbrush to keep that smile in tip-top shape or some new lipstick to show off those pearly whites.

On Mother’s Day don’t forget to give your mom plenty of care, respect, and affection. No one cares about you quite like your mom, and this year, May 8th is the day to return the favor. From all of us at Spirit Dental, we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!

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