Spirit Dental Insurance: Open Enrollment Information

Spirit Dental Insurance: Open Enrollment Information

Don’t panic; there’s still time to make sure you’re covered in 2017. Next year’s open enrollment ends Jan. 31, 2017. Those of you looking for a plan know that it is required by law to have pediatric dental coverage which is provided by most health insurance plans. What isn’t required, but highly recommended is adult dental insurance. That’s why we think it’s pertinent to provide you with details on what Spirit Dental Insurance offers to make sure you are aware of all the great benefits it provides.

After all, don’t you want to make sure you’re covered if something major happens? Breaking a tooth, needing a crown or implants - just think of the out-of-pocket expenses.

Plan Information Materials

Spirit offers two main plan options: Choice and Network. Within those plans, you have different options that provide a range of coverage. The plans differ by state due to regulations. To view which plans your state offers, click here for a free quote or view plan brochures by state, here.

Costs and Deductibles

There is a monthly plan cost and a one-time $100 deductible associated with all coverage options. The monthly plan cost will depend on the plan you choose. The deductible will only need to be paid on the first visit after you purchase the plan. Once this has been paid, as long as you stay with Spirit Dental, you will not incur this fee again.

Children’s Dental Information

Children are eligible for coverage under the Individual+1 and Family plans. Applicants must be 18 years of age to enroll, and dependent children are eligible up to the age of 26.

Child orthodontia is included in the Network plans.

Major Services, Implants, and Missing Teeth

Spirit Dental plans include coverage for dental implants from day one. No waiting. Additional major services are covered*. Before getting any work done, we suggest you check with your dentist to make sure they are in-network and can get a quote on the procedure. It’s best to go in knowing how much insurance will cover and how much will be an out-of-pocket cost.

As for missing teeth, our plans will cover missing teeth if it is lost while you have coverage. If you purchase coverage and it was a pre-existing issue, the plan will not cover the fix.

Finding a Dentist In-Network

Love your dentist? Or maybe you just want to see how close an in-network dentist is to your home or office. Either way, you can use our provider finder before purchasing a plan.

Your Dental Insurance Cards

Once you purchase insurance, cards will be mailed to you. If you need to see a dentist before they arrive, the dentist’s office can verify your insurance with a single call. Just make sure you know what plan you purchased and the primary name on the account.

How To Capitalize On All Spirit Dental Benefits

Each plan offers three cleanings per year. Keeping up with regular dental appointments can help catch or prevent issues down the road. No waiting periods even on major services and only a three-day delay from purchase to use. It’s true, after purchasing, you don't have to wait a whole month, you can book an appointment immediately.

Additional added benefits:

  • Access to American Hearing Benefits. This service is free of charge to all plan holders. This benefit offers a free hearing consultation and discounts on hearing aids from a range of nationwide professionals.

  • Access to vision insurance. Add vision to any Spirit plan at any time for a minimal fee. Click here to learn more.

  • A Prescription RX Discount Benefit.

  • Eligibility for a Pet Prescription RX Discount Benefit.

  • Medical Travel Direct Discount Benefit.

  • You can also register for a complimentary Identity Theft Plan. 

Spirit Dental Contact Information

Have questions or would like more information? No problem. You can speak with a representative immediately through LiveChat on the site, by email, or by phone at (800) 620.5010.


*Major service and implant coverage depends on the plan.

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