The Power of No Waiting

Back to school season has always been a good time for Jane to get organized. After shopping for clothes, school supplies, immunizations and medical check-ups, she finally made time to shop online for dental insurance. She was confident that she’d covered all the bases without breaking the bank –x until her son broke a tooth in football practice. Then, the truth came out – there was a waiting period on her new dental policy and the trip to the dentist wasn’t covered.

The waiting period also surprised Dick, who had purchased an online dental plan a few months before he bit into some hard candy and broke an old filling. Ouch! It hurt even more having to pay full price at the dentist after paying the monthly premium.

Only Sally is smiling today. She compared a number of dental insurance plans and chose Spirit Dental. Affordable, broad coverage and best of all – no waiting!

Dental Insurance in America – Common Misconception...
No annual deductible? It’s true!