Dental Articles for Individuals

Dental Articles for Individuals

Do Your Teeth Really Need a Lot of Calcium?


Calcium: you know you need it for strong bones, but do you also need it to keep your teeth strong and clean? It turns out that, yes, you do!

Here’s some information on why your teeth crave calcium, and how this vital nutrient can help you maintain that beautiful smile.

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Spring Into Action: Dental Care 101

spring into action

Oral hygiene doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple steps that can be taken on a daily basis can help you maintain fresh breath, while also reducing your odds of developing cavities and gum disease.

Want to be absolutely sure that you’re covering all of your bases when it comes to your dental care routine? We’ve outlined the basics below to make taking care of your mouth a breeze.

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Mouthwash - Is It a Must?

mouthwash 775

Rinsing with some minty mouthwash can be a refreshing way to conclude your daily oral hygiene routine at home.

But is mouthwash really necessary? Is it doing anything to promote the health of your teeth and gums?

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Make Time To Use Your Dental Plan in the New Year


The thing about dental insurance plans is that you have to actually use the benefits they provide within the year; otherwise, you’ll lose those benefits that you paid for every month. No one likes to see their money wasted, so this year, plan to make the most of your dental plan by setting aside time to see your dentist.

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What You Should Do When You Break A Tooth

What You Should Do When You Break A Tooth 

Before we jump right in, we hope that you are not currently dealing with a broken tooth. Hopefully, you’re reading this to help prepare yourself in case the situation ever arises.

Broken, chipped, cracked, or fully removed - all not-so-great situations, but they can get much worse if not taken care of properly.

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New version of Spirit Dental indemnity plan introduced

The Spirit Indemnity Dental Insurance plan helps individuals and families cover the costs of dental care

Covered dental services include exams, cleanings, fillings and extractions, as well as crowns, root canals, bridges and dentures.

The policy pays for covered dental expenses based upon a percentage of the reasonable and customary (R&C) fees for those covered expenses after the deductible has been satisfied. 

The percentages are: 

  • 100% for Preventive Services, 70% for Basic and 10% for Major Services in the 1st year.
  • In the 2nd year of coverage, Basic Services increase to 80% and 50% for Major. 
  • In the 3rd year, Basic Services increase to 90%

Highlights of the plan include: 

  • The right to choose your own dentist.
  • Calendar Year Maximums - $1,000, $2,000 or $3,000 per insured
  • Two dental exams and three cleanings are included per calendar year
  • One series of bitewing x-rays per year
  • Space maintainers
  • Sealants (children to age 16)
  • One topical fluoride treatment per year to age 16

Major services include:

  • Simple extractions
  • Implants (endosteal only), up to the allowance for the lowest cost covered traditional procedure
  • One diagnostic x-ray, full or panoramic in any 3 year period
  • Oral surgery
  • Endodontic treatment
  • Periodontic services
  • Restoration services; inlays, onlays and crowns
  • Prosthetic services; bridges and dentures
  • Basic fillings
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