Causes of “Dry Mouth” and How to Relieve It

Dry Mouth

The fancy word for “dry mouth” is xerostomia, and this is a condition that’s characterized by a lack of saliva throughout the mouth. Basically, the salivary glands stop producing the normal amount of saliva, leaving the mouth dry and uncomfortable.

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Kids First Dentist Visit: Dos and Don'ts

Kids Dental Insurance

Going to the dentist can be scary even for adults. So when it’s time to bring your child to their first dental appointment, use the following tips to make the experience as anxiety-free as possible.

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New Year – Time to Put an Emphasis On Your Health

New Year – Time to Put an Emphasis On Your Health

It’s a new year, which means it’s the perfect time to make resolutions that will help you enhance your well-being. By applying the following easy tips to your everyday life, you can put yourself on the right track towards boosting your vitality, as well as the health of your entire mouth.

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