Choosing a Dental Insurance Plan

Spirit Dental Insurance Is There For You When You Need It

Choosing a dental insurance plan can be overwhelming. That’s where this page comes in handy. Whether you are very familiar with dental insurance plans or need a refresher, we’ve created a guide to help walk you through all of Spirit’s options along with links that provide more information. Still have questions when you’re done, that’s ok, chat with a licensed specialist or find your plan here.

Choice vs. Network Plans*

The difference really comes down to coverage. Network plans act as PPO plans, providing you with the option to visit a certain selection of in-network dentists. For this plan, monthly premiums and out of pocket costs are lower. Choice plans are exclusive to Spirit and don’t follow the normal PPO/HMO guidelines. These plans provide coverage but don’t limit you to a network or selection of dentists. The monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs are slightly higher, but the trade-off is the flexibility the plan provides.

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The Spirit Choice Plan: More Options

Also known as a fee-for-service plan. This is a great option for those who wish to visit any dentist of their choice. You won’t be tied down to any network of providers, so you won’t have to feel as though you’re restricted to only using our approved dentists. Sounds so liberating, doesn’t it?

Reimbursements for any dental services that you receive will vary, depending on your provider, but you can expect that your insurance will typically cover anywhere from 50-100% of usual and customary expenses.*

This plan will be right for you if:

  • You’re searching for coverage that will pay up to 100% of your preventative care costs, including your cleanings and checkups.
  • You won’t mind paying the difference if your dentist ends up charging a higher fee than this plan’s fee schedule indicates.

Example: If you need a periodontal maintenance check-up and it costs $200, the reimbursement schedule could say $150, meaning you would have to pay the remaining $50.

Choice Plan Benefits Explained



Implant Cost


Insurance Covers

$1000 (25%)

Your Out-of-pocket (the bill you receive)


The Spirit Network Plan: More Savings

A Spirit Network Plan features—you guessed it—a network of participating dentists. These dentists will often set lower rates for patients with the right insurance plan, which means you will be able to enjoy lower out-of-pocket costs.

Just be aware that you won’t be able to see the dentist of your choice if he or she isn’t within our network. If you do end up seeing an out-of-network dentist, you should be prepared to face decreased benefits or higher fees. But you can rest assured that our network of dental professionals can be trusted, and you will have plenty of great options to choose from, even if your old dentist isn’t a part of the PPO network.

This plan will be right for you if:

  • You are hoping to save even more money.
  • Your dentist is in network or you don’t mind switching to an in-network dentist.

All Spirit plans use the Ameritas Network. This is one of the largest nationwide networks with over 428,000 access points and 111,500 unique providers.

Network Plan Benefits Explained



Dental Retail Costs For Implants


Negotiated Network Costs


Insurance Covers

$2000 (50%)

Your Out-of-pocket (bill you receive)



Coverage Option Differences




No Waiting Periods (Coverage start within 3-days)

Guaranteed Acceptance

Preventive Coverage

Three Cleanings Per Year

Implants and Major Services Covered ***

One-time $100 Deductible

Maximum 5000 Coverage

Orthodontic Coverage for Kids

Higher Monthly Premiums ****


Lower Out-of-Pocket Expenses****


Visit Any Dentist



Plans for Families, Individuals, and Seniors

Every Spirit dental plan allows for three dental cleanings annually, as well as two exams per year. Plus, there is coverage for major dental services, along with an annual maximum of up to $5,000. And you don’t have to worry about any waiting periods when you need immediate care!

The right Spirit plan can cover your entire family, ensuring that every member of your household is able to receive the preventative care that will keep their smile bright and beautiful.

Concerned your child might need braces? We’ve made sure that coverage is available in our Network plans:

Even if you are searching for an individual dental care plan, Spirit has you covered. Like all of our other plans, you can expect to get the care and cleanings you need annually, and you will only have a one-time $100 deductible. Hello, savings!

Seniors shouldn’t ignore their dental health either, but their limited budgets can often prevent them from getting the coverage that they need. With Spirit, though, you won’t run into any age limits, and you can enjoy guaranteed acceptance. So you can get your checkups, cleanings, and other major services, including implants, to help your teeth remain youthful and strong.  


Each plan includes a one-time, $100 deductible along with a monthly premium. The deductible will be incurred during your first visit. One thing that sets Spirit apart is that this $100 deductible only has to be paid once, no matter how long you have your plan. Most insurance companies make this an annual occurrence, which can add up over the years.

*Each plan has a different monthly premium. Find a plan to see what that monthly cost looks like in your state.

Effective Start Date

"The Spirit Dental Individual Plans offer Every Day Effective Dates so you can choose a start date that fits your needs. Do not cancel any other insurance or assume you are insured under this plan until you receive written confirmation. Please note your enrollment may take 4 business days to be processed and accessible through any network providers.

What Plan Is Right For You?

All plans cover preventive and basic dental care along with implants and major services**. When considering a plan, you need to weigh the options. Do you know you might need bridgework or a major service in the upcoming year? Does your kid play a contact sport which could result in losing a tooth? You can’t plan for all situations, but you can be prepared for them. When selecting a plan, you might want to compare different options in the quote process to review coverage details and monthly premiums.

Regardless of which option you choose, all plans were created to be affordable, so even our most expensive option is still very budget-friendly.

Additional Benefits

These additional discounts and value-added features are offered at no additional cost and are not insurance

When you join Spirit, you’re getting much more than just coverage; you’ll also receive the following benefits free of charge.

IHear: This is a free benefits program that provides individuals with access to hearing consultations as well as discounts on hearing aids.

Wellness Card: This is a free prescription discount card. Learn more about how it works and how to take advantage of it.  

PetRX: Does your pet need to take medications? Learn more about how the PetRX card can help you save on those needed prescriptions.

No matter what plan you choose, you’ll have peace of mind when it comes to getting the professional care that’s necessary to keep your entire mouth clean and healthy!

Find My Plan

*Plans differ by state. Walk through the quote process to see what you’re eligible for or check out our brochures listed state. ** Coverage varies by plan. ***Coverage varies by plan and missing teeth prior to coverage are not covered under these policies.  ****Depends on the plan.


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Jodi Vance did a super job at helping me understand my dental insurance options and find just the right plan. She even helped me lower my cost and lock in the lowest rate when we changed to an in network Doctor. Thanks, Jodi