Individual Dental Insurance Plans

Understanding how different dental plan designs work

There are two options when choosing Spirit Individual Dental coverage – a Network or Choice plan. The important thing is to take that first step forward by selecting a plan – and taking control of your dental well-being. Dental insurance generally pays for check-ups, cleanings and exams – and we encourage you to use the benefits your dental insurance plan provides. And, Spirit Dental plans even provide for benefits to start immediately.

Don't get stuck with a huge bill you can't afford when your mouth begins to hurt because you’ve avoided regular dental visits.  Crowns, root canals and implants can easily cost thousands of dollars. Invest instead in Spirit Dental insurance and be healthier and wealthier because of it. Think of your dentist just like you think of the guy who performs maintenance on your car - you can pay him for the maintenance now or pay him later (and potentially much more) when the breakdown happens!

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10 Things to Know Before
Choosing Dental Insurance