Spirit Choice Dental Insurance

With Spirit Choice dental insurance you can choose your own dentist

An Spirit Choice dental insurance plan is often called a traditional dental coverage plan or a fee-for-service plan. With a Spirit Choice insurance plan you have the option to visit any dentist. You do not need to select your dentist from a list of network or approved providers. Services after any applicable deductibles have been met are paid as "usual and customary". How much your dental insurance will reimburse you will vary according to your provider, however payment is typically between 80% and 100% of usual and customary expenses.

Features of the Spirit Choice Dental insurance indclude:

  1. Insurance will pay up to 100% of preventive dental care. Typically, this includes regular checkups and cleaning.
  2. Spirit Choice dental insurance benefits center around the terms reasonable and customary which mean the usual, customary and reasonable charge for the service in the area in which it was incurred.
  3. There is often a maximum benefit amount for dental benefits with this type of coverage. If you require treatment beyond this limit, you will often be responsible for these costs.
  4. Spirit Choice dental insurance uses a fee schedule to help determine reimbursement for specific services. If your dentist charges higher fees for services than your plan’s fee schedule indicates, which is not uncommon, your dentist may expect you to pay the difference.

*Reasonable and Customary refers to the usual charges for the area where the expense is incurred.


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