Network Dental Insurance

Why a network plan may be the right choice for you.

Dentists often participate in a dental network in an effort to expand their patient base. In acknowledgment of the referrals an insurance company provides, the dentists offer lower rates for the clients of a particular dental insurance provider. The result is lower out-of-pocket costs for patients. Patients, however, often have to choose from a network of specific dentists or face higher fees or decreased benefits.

When it comes to dental insurance we believe choice is of utmost importance. Click here for more information on the Maximum Care Dental Network utilized by Spirit Dental insurance. Check out this simple explanation of why a network plan may be the right choice for you.

Your Dentist says you need a Crown, a Major Service

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If your dentist of choice does not participate in the Maximum Care Network and you do not wish to change dentists, Spirit Dental can still help - we have Spirit Choice dental insurance available too.  Click here for more information on Spirit Choice insurance.



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