Implants** and Major Services

Dental Implant Insurance

Dental implants are the most natural, comfortable and permanent solution to missing teeth. Unlike dentures or removable bridges which may be loose or uncomfortable, dental implants look better, feel better and make it possible to eat the crisp and crunchy foods you love.

A dental implant typically costs between $1,100 and $4,000, a major expense for replacement of a single tooth.* Costs escalate quickly when multiple implants are required.

Some dental insurance plans don’t cover implants. Some plans exclude implants because they are classified as a cosmetic dentistry procedure. Others exclude implants coverage due to a pre-existing condition. Finally, other dental plans offer partial coverage but then impose waiting periods – some as long as 5 years -- before you qualify for care.

Dental Implant Insurance With No Waiting Period

At Spirit Dental, we believe that dental implants should be a viable option for everyone. For that reason, every Spirit Dental plan includes coverage for dental implants from day one. No waiting. That’s something to smile about.

**If an insured has lost one or more teeth prior to this policy effective date, we will not pay for a prosthetic device that replaces such teeth unless the device also replaces one or more natural teeth lost or extracted while covered under this policy.





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