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 For Verification of Benefits


For claim payments and claim questions:

For plans sold after 4.1.2014,

Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. (Ameritas Life)

PO Box 82520, Lincoln, NE 68501-2520

Claims: 877-667-6127

Customer Service (non-claim questions): 866-619-6095



If your policy starts with a letter, for plan sold before 4.1.14

Claims are Administered by Ameritas. 

Change requests and billing are administered by:

Meritain Health 

PO Box 27810

Minneapolis, MN 55427-0810 

Phone Number – (952)541-0444; (800)765-4224

Fax No (763)852-5011 (Changes, Terms and Adds)


Dawn C.
Jodi has worked with me to get the right date for payment and made something usually very tedious into a 1, 2, 3 and done! She is great!!!