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 For Verification of Benefits


For claim payments and claim questions:

For plans sold after 4.1.2014,

Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. (Ameritas Life)

PO Box 82520, Lincoln, NE 68501-2520

Claims: 877-667-6127

Customer Service (non-claim questions): 866-619-6095

 email: [email protected] 


If your policy starts with a letter, for plan sold before 4.1.14

Claims are Administered by Ameritas. 

Change requests and billing are administered by:

Meritain Health 

PO Box 27810

Minneapolis, MN 55427-0810 

Phone Number – (952)541-0444; (800)765-4224

Fax No (763)852-5011 (Changes, Terms and Adds)

 Email:[email protected]


Jodi Vance did a super job at helping me understand my dental insurance options and find just the right plan. She even helped me lower my cost and lock in the lowest rate when we changed to an in network Doctor. Thanks, Jodi
Diane J.