Optional Vision Insurance

Quality standards for care and materials

Spirit Dental & Vision’s vision plan is available through the EyeMed Vision Care Network. EyeMed is a leading vision benefits company, offering the following features:

  • Savings on eye care and eyewear
  • Quality standards for care and materials
  • Access to thousands of providers nationwide, including the nation’s top optical retail brands

Eye Examinations

Annual eye exams do more than check patients’ vision. Eye doctors can detect a variety of serious conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure and glaucoma. Early detection and treatment can minimize the effect of these conditions on long-term health. Spirit Vision Insurance covers annual eye exams for maximum health benefits.

Using The Plan

  • Members locate a provider by going to They can register to use the secure member site once enrolled, or choose Access from the locator drop-down box.
  • Members identify themselves as EyeMed members through Spirit Vision and present the plan ID card and member ID number.
  • The provider will do the rest! There are no claim or authorization forms necessary for in-network benefits.
  • For the most accurate information, remember your Plan Number: 9926759

Note: This vision rider benefit is optional to purchase at an additional cost and terminates with the policy to which it is attached.
This provides a very brief description of some of the important features of the insurance policy. It is not the insurance policy and does not represent it. A full explanation of benefits, exceptions and limitations is contained in Vision Rider IPR1001-PPO (and any state specific), and Vision Rider GHR-1112(Vision) (and any state specific). Premium rates may change upon renewal. This rider may not be available in all states and is subject to individual state regulations.

EyeMed Vision Care Network

Eye Med Retailers

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