Children's Orthodontics

Understanding the facts and the health benefits

How The Spirit Plan Can Help

Spirit Dental offers a $1,200 children’s orthodontia benefit on any of our network plans. Here’s a breakdown of how the plan works:

  • After you meet your $100 one-time deductible, your plan coverage will be available.
  • Children’s Orthodontic care for the proper alignment of teeth is only provided to dependent children.
  • Coverage is 10% year one, 25% year two, and 50% year three with a $1,200 lifetime maximum per child and a $600 annual limit.

Plan FAQ’s

What is the covered age range of a child on the Spirit plan?
The plan considers anyone under the age of 19 to be a child. The child must be 19 or under when treatment is received.

How long is the waiting period after purchasing dental insurance?
Once a plan is purchased, there are no waiting periods. You can schedule an appointment with an in-network orthodontist as soon as you purchase the plan.

We want to help parents give these benefits to their children. Get a free instant quote today or call 800.620.5010 to speak with one of Spirit’s licensed agents.

ortho 1Children’s Orthodontic Quick Facts *

  • An orthodontic evaluation should take place by age 7 to identify potential problems early and maximize effectiveness.
  • Treatment times can take anywhere between six and 30 months, but most standard treatments take about 24-28 months.

ortho 2Health Benefits of Having Straighter Teeth *

  • Straight teeth prevent food from getting stuck between teeth crevices which can cause decay
  • Proper tooth alignment can reduce tension on the jaw during eating. Better ability to chew and digest food.

ortho 3Additional Benefits of Orthodontia *

  • Improved self-esteem
  • Reduced cost of long term dental problems
  • Ease of daily brushing and flossing

* Sources include: (Bibby Orthodontics, Kids Health, MouthHealthy, American Academy Of Pediatric Dentistry, Your Dentistry Guide)


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