Senior Dental Insurance Plans

Help Your Smile Stand the Test of Time

Make sure you’re protected during a time you may need it most.

Senior citizens across the U.S. are seeking coverage to aid in reducing their dental expenditures. Teeth, like bones, can soften as time passes and grow significantly more susceptible to degeneration and breakage. This can mean that seniors are often in need of more oral care than younger Americans, as they deal with broken teeth, loosened implants, gum problems, or other issues.

According to the National Association of Dental Plans, 46.3 million adults in the U.S. age 65 and over have no dental coverage. That same article also notes that without coverage, individuals are at a higher risk for dentures and less likely receive treatment for gum disease. *

Leave Your Worries Behind. Here Is What Spirit Insurance Can Provide You:

darlene christenson

"I've had Spirit Dental for several years now. I absolutely love having dental coverage as it gives me peace of mind. If I ever need a major service, I know I'm protected. Plus, the plan gives me three cleanings per year which I always take advantage of."

Darlene Christenson, age 82

Spirit Dental plans have no age limits and provide a variety of options at varying price points. Whether you have a specific need, or you want to safeguard yourself against future problems, you can purchase the insurance you need today to minimize tomorrow’s expense.

*Source: National Association of Dental Plans, 2014. **Coverage percentage depends on your plan.


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